China’s Belt and Road Initiative

In October 2018 I was appointed as a Visiting International Researcher in the Energy Department of the Polytechnical University of Turin, Italy (PoliTo).

The project PoliTo is leading, which concerns China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), is entitled “BRI Risk Predictor.”

PoliTo’s approach differs substantively in many ways from other analyses of the BRI. Of particular relevance is PoliTo’s focus on the energy component of the BRI. The energy analysis, which is applied to each of the 72 countries participating in the BRI, looks at the total energy picture, including total exports, imports, reserves, as well as renewable initiatives.

The PoliTo BRI project incorporates social, political and financial risk factors as well. Included in this assessment are factors related to terrorism, China’s Private Security Companies, and the risk to Chinese workers and executives around the world.

The product of the PoliTo BRI project is a comprehensive assessment of the risk profile for each of the 72 countries.