Searching for Missing American Servicemen In The Soviet Union

Searching for Missing American Servicemen In the Soviet Union is the first of a two-volume book concerning Dr. Cole’s first-hand experience in the POW/MIA accounting program.  Volume 1 is scheduled to be published in hardback and e-edition by the global academic publisher Palgrave/Macmillan in February 2018.  Volume 1 documents a multi-year research effort sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD) that included work in the KGB archives in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine as well as research in Soviet military archives in Moscow.  Volume 1 includes research in the East German secret police (Stasi) archives.  Volume 1 provides primary source evidence that American servicemen were transferred to the territory of the Soviet bloc.

Volume 2, entitled: J*P*A*C — The Politics of Human Skeletal Identification, is scheduled for publication in mid-2018.  Volume 2 documents the political struggle for control of the science of human skeletal identification in the POW/MIA accounting program.  Meddling by paid lobbyists and weak Congressional oversight resulted in a highly-politicized environment in which forensic science was compromised for political purposes repeatedly.  Manipulation of the media by Federal employees and private citizens referred to by members of Congress as “evil creeps” and “vile scoundrels” is documented as well.